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Beautiful fireplace design, mantel and fireplace wall decorating can change the way living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms look and feel. Gorgeous fireplace design and wall decor make a stunning focal point for modern interior decorating. An inspiring color palette and attractive combinations of textures create spectacular accent walls and add unique character to any home decorating. Lushome presents beautiful and modern ideas for decorating around a fireplace.
Functional and modern fireplaces are an essential element of warm and cozy interior design. Beautiful fireplace design makes a room look more beautiful, comfortable and pleasant. Fireplace design is an artistic and emotional process of creating large home decorations. Intimate and original fireplace design personalize a room and creates a cozy, inviting, comfortable and modern home interior.
Even if you do not use the fireplace for heating your room, beautiful fireplace design, beautiful mantel or fireplace wall decorating ideas can enhance your interior. Classy fireplaces in a vintage style and modern fireplace designs can make the interiors look exclusive and expensive.